Thereʼs no use trying – said Alice – one canʼt believe impossible things. …I daresay you havenʼt had much practice – said the Queen. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes Iʼve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland


Building a systemic community of leaders with complex values and skills ready to be deployed for continuum sustainable coevolution of economic, social, cultural and natural human environment.

A Change Agents community with strong drive, capability, skills and knowledge to re-engineer the perceived reality at personal, family, group, community or organization level. Towards Excellence, more options, freedom of choice, access to resources and sustainable and ecological goals.

R&D Projects

Decoding Flow

L&D program: the peak-performance experience is involving high stakes; excitement; a challenge; and something that the individual feels matters, will make a difference, and hasn’t been done before.

When we ask executives during the FLOW, peak-performance exercise how much more productive they were at their peak than they were on average, for example, we get a range of answers, but the most common at senior levels is an increase of five times.

Young Professionals Profiling & Education

L&D Project: to replicate and develop the peak performers codes for  young professionals: Liberal Professions, Health, Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs and Cultural Trendsetter’s. To interact with charisma. To communicate assertively and emotionally. To divergent innovate. To excel. To produce quick, meaningful and sustainable behavioral transformations, etc.

Industry  Sectorial Motivation Models

Applied Research Program: Profiling, analyzing, decoding and creating model of excellence for specific industry roles: Marketing, Communication, Sales, Leadership, Human capital Management, Financial management, Operations etc.

National Motivation and Attitude Model

National Study: developing  and updating the national motivation model (statistical Standard Group) based  on  large scale  nationwide profiling assessment on motivation patterns, attitude and values.

Skills for Leaders and Managers: Managing Motivation

Education Project: to  train leaders beyond Lominger leadership skills, on how to manage team members’ motivation for high performance, using Motivation and Attitude Patterns (MAPs) based on iWAM online and live assessments.

Functional relation between Financial Performance and Organisational Performance

Research Program: developing a functional algorithm that measures the relations between  financial and personal/ team performance based on McKinsey 2006 study.

Beyond X-Team Skills

L&D  Project: cognitive-behavioral and linguistic patterns research beyond Dr. Deborah Ancona PhD (MIT Leadership Center) research in core leadership capabilities and how teams manage both their internal and external dynamics to obtain high performance  – The X Team. “The X in X-team stands for external. An X-team is an adaptive structure that gives individuals and organizations flexibility in dealing with changing circumstances and with different kinds of tasks that shift over time.”

Human Vulnerability in Cyber- Security 

Research program: ICAM (Inventory of Crime Attitude & Motivation). HVPP – Human Vulnerability Predictive Profiling. TSPI – Time Stress Performance Index. MAPCA  – motivation & attitude pattern of criminal  activity based on 66 cognitive Cognitive Behavioral Metaprogrames and FBI’s organized/disorganized model .

In times like the present, men should utter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and eternity.Abraham Lincoln


To have access and benefit from these projects/programs you can:

Sponsor them financials, as communication vectors or at any resources level appropriate for you.

Partner with us at the research level or just sharing information , expertise, personnel or knowledge.

Use Coevolve expertise becoming our corporate consulting service customer.

Excellence and the highest levels of performance in the arts, sciences, sports and business, have always been an object of fascination to both scientists and people. Only during the last 20 years have scientists studied these levels of performance in the laboratory in order to identify their mediating mechanisms. Contrary to the common belief (that only innate talents are the critical factors for exceptional performance), researchers have found that acquired skills, knowledge, and physiological flexible adaptations in response to intense practice are the primary mechanisms, mediating the highest levels of performance.Karl Anders Ericsson - The road to Excellence.

Management Development, EDUCATION & Change

The financial performance of a company is directly dependent on human performance, And this performance depends on motivation and capability / meta-attitude to learn, communicate, manage, do, etc. We measure, decode, analyze, model and manage motivation  & attitude variables  (48 independent parameters) and organizational value systems (10 parameters) in Applied Modeling Performance consulting services.

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The results of CoEvolve R&D in the field of human performance are used in nine coaching patterns tailored according to contextual, cultural and operational data at @Coach services.

If some people are exceptional, brilliant or extraordinary, how can we copy, replicate their talent, and reverse engineering decode it and teach other professionals to become like them. During high performance, high impact education program to New Code NLP Meta-Skills and Performance NLP Modeling. At Academia NLP Romania.

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It’s about adventures and quests and growth and gold medals and booby prizes and emotion and service and care and character. All of those are Technicolor words. Tom Peters’ TIBs


While upgrading himself or just guiding others to change, someone disregards

  • the freedom of choice of every stakeholder,
  • the personal responsibility to act and achieve,
  • the free access to resources  to succeed,
  • and the others rights to be,

that personal change is not self-sustaining and not a (co) evolution. The human / social / natural CHANGE ECOLOGY  is broken, and outside the field of Modeling Human Excellence. Inside  chaos or structured death.

Sometimes models of excellence applied without social responsibility and change ecology produce unsustainable changes (not to say social / economic or human disasters ). The reality  of applied science & technology offers enough examples around us.

To CoEvolve or to Extinct are just consequences of our personal decision.

We are born with the gene of excellence, adapting ourselves to the evolution of societies and nature. And as we change to a higher complexity, stretching through our limiting believes, discovering and learning the non-Aristotelian knowledge of living beings, developing new skills to cope, adapt, perform or rule the System, we realize that beyond our words and sensorial inputs of the reality around us, there are specific codes, precise processes, defined patterns  that determine how we evolve to excellence … or perish. Decoding Excellence is the passion that drives our quest into charting Human Motivation, Values and Competences, flowing from neuroscience and social science to psychology and pragmatics, and from business management, economics and marketing to corporate performance, and business re-engineering: identifying, measuring, decoding, modeling, saving and transferring the Patterns of Excellence. And at the end the choice is yours to upgrade and co-evolve.Ovidiu Panea - senior partner Coevolve

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