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At CoEvolve we are focused on research and education in the field of human development and evolution, advocating through our programs and  projects to set up, strengthen and upgrade the contemporary society: freedom of choice, access to resources, universal knowledge, competences and values of individuals and Communities.

CoEvolve main institutions, programs and projects:

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1. Education in the field of meta-competences (Academia NLP Romania).

  • Decode, Help, Educate & Lead to Excellence
  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring for High-Performance Leadership by NLP New Code
  • ITANLP International Certifying Institute.

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2. Business Excellence Modeling R&D Institute. Performance change management (Applied Modeling Performance Institute). Profiling, Measuring, Modeling & Upgrading Business & Career Excellence by iWAM & VSQ

JobEQ  Partner and Distributor.

  • Business and Job Excellence identified and multiplied easy, rapidly and cost effective.
  • ROI Explicit. Measurable and Accurate.
  • 70:20:10 Learning Framework.
  • Predictable, Effective, Sustainable Consulting Services

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3. Personal excellence  aand universal access to sustainable competences for young people (program “BeingBetterYou.com”). Skills for Success Attainable by Every One – Live & Online Training & Workshops for Personal Excellence.

Re-imagine yourself, re-design your life, re-start your career & business Excellence. Skills affordable for everyone who wants & needs an upgrade to his/her personal success.


 4. Executive & Life Coaching for High Performers. Life, Health & Wealth @Coach for outstanding people.

Transforming your thought patterns, values, states, emotions, behavior to become more effective and facilitate excellence.

5. Corporate Talent Management for 21’st century. To hire, retain and grow the talent and knowledge held by 3D corporations. (jobeq.ro)

“Hire for attitude, train for competence, coach for performance, manage to retain”. Successful aligning performance appraisal,  pay and benefit systems so that they help to attract, grow and retain top talent.

6. Human Vulnerability Risk  Assessment & Analysis to Preventive Profiling and Education. Reverse Social Engineering Counterintelligence  & Crime Modeling. Training Resilient Teams & Organizations and Hiring cyber-security professionals. (112corporate.ro)


Peste 20 de ani in training, coaching, consultanta in sales, marketing, business analysis & management, HR. Proiecte corporatiste de succes in Comunicare, PR & Advertising. Business Management Inovare si Schimbare Organizationala, IT, Mental Training, Public Communication, Economie, Resurse Umane, Educatie, Artele Spectacolului, Gambling, Sport, Creativitate, Security, Politics etc. Proiecte R&D si L&D in performanta si excelenta umana in familie, societate sau in business.

Ovidiu PANEA – Senior partner

  • NLP certified Trainer by International Trainers Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ITANLP),
  • Trained by dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic-StClaire and Michel Carroll,
  • Member of ITANLP,
  • senior partner AequilibreA,
  • iWAM Certified Associate Partner by jobEQ,
  • VSQ Certified Associate Partner by JObEQ,
  • Six Thinking Hats Certified Trainer si Facilitator by deBono Thinking Systems.

Monica PANEA – Senior partner

  • Certified Perfomance & Life Coach,
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Trained by dr. Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kathleen LaValle.
  • iWAM Certified Associate Partner by jobEQ,
  • VSQ Certified Associate Partner by JObEQ,
  • Certified Trainer by ANC (CNFP) & Romania Ministry of National Education.

Angela Alvarez LORZA – Associate Trainer

  •  NLP certified Trainer by International Trainers Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ITANLP),
  • Trained by dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic-StClaire and Michel Carroll.
  • Member of ITANLP,
  • CIPD L & D Professional member,
  • PTLS Adult Learning Facilitator. (International Training Seminars)

Adrian S. PETRESCU – Senior Partner

  • Professional Vision in Policy Making,
  • MPA Program, and Associate Professor, College of Business at Bellevue University,
  • Former Professor of Graduate Studies at UMUC Europe,
  • Studied Law at Creighton University School of Law,
  • Studied Public and International Affairs at University of Pittsburgh,
  • CEO  AequlibreA

Gabriel M. UNGUREANU – Senior Partner

  • CTO at Digital Experts Academy
  • founder of Digital Business Lounge
  • founder of Hicso Technologies
  • mentored by Nigel Boterill (CEO-Entreprenaurs Circle), John Panczaks (OS2), Lindsay Hopkins (CEO-Trafalgas Square Financials)
  • certified in gamification at Train2Game UK
  • certified in User center design / flow /UX/Ui by Chakib Labidi (Nokia, BMW)
  • certified NLP Practitioner & Coach by Academia NLP
  • former head of production at Web on Heigh
  • former systems engineer Bright Media Solutions UK
  • developer of document management systems and web portals for University of Bath and University of East London
  • property investor & tech startup companies investor
  • member IT forum Harwell Campus Oxford


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