04 Apr

Re-engineering Leadership

To ensure a long-lasting talent pipeline and healthy succession plan the key player in the future of any organisation are the high potential employees, known as HiPos.They are internal candidates, with the right skills, easy to adapt to the leadership culture because of their compatible values or style. And with affordable costs. The HiPos discovered and recruited at early stage, are worthy of special care, development, and retention.

How to discover and develop the HiPo+ Leader

  • how to fast discover and recruit
  • how to build performance reliable metric
  • how to slide from operators to managers, to leaders
  • how to perform well at the next level
  • how to fast change the pivotal competencies that drive high performance during career path.
  • and more.

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12 Jun

You are not a Gadget

a book by Jaron Lanier

SOFTWARE EXPRESSES IDEAS about everything from the nature of a musical note tothe nature of person hood. Software is also subject to an exceptionally rigid process of “lock-in.” Therefore, ideas (in the present era, when human affairs are increasingly software driven) have become more subject to lock-in than in previous eras. Most of the ideas that have been locked in so far are not so bad, but some of the so-called web 2.0 ideas are stinkers, so we ought to reject them while we still can. Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he. PUBLILIUS SYRUS

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21 May

Exercitii de stil

Mi-am amintit de Raimond Queneau cu Exercitiile sale de Stil.

De aplicat in comunicarea corporate, in pachetul lingvistic in NLP Training si  mai ales in performanta.  Asezonat cu multiple submodalitati senzoriale (VAKOV+v) ar readuce intr-un om cu un  un vocabular extins, nu numai proprietatea cuvintelor ci si excelenta procesului lingvistic. Si ma gandesc la Jason Silva sau…



15 Jan

Neuromarketing. Pentru cine?


Un echipament de imagistica prin Rezonanta Magnetica Functionala (fRMI) costa de la 500.000 USD la 3 milioane de USD. Si la banii astia masoara doar variatiile de flux sanguin.

Si cum un danez deja foarte cunoscut, Martin Lidstrom, a convins corporatiile sa investeasca 7 milionae USD intr-un studiu  (cu fRMI) despre cum luam deciziile de cumparare, a publicat ulterior intr-o carte “BUY.OLOGY”. Sia convins gunevrnul american ca reclama la tigari e “degeaba”.

Cu putina minte (irationala- sic!) si mult mai putin bani, comunitatea NLP si-ar putea inchiria/cumpara un asemena echipament pentru a demonstra acuratetea miscarile oculare (Eye Cues) prin care poti identifica  cu o precizie foarte buna strategiile oamenilor legate de amintiri sau creativitate senzorial sau lingvistica. Cu toata sinestezia implicita.

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