12 Jun

You are not a Gadget

a book by Jaron Lanier

SOFTWARE EXPRESSES IDEAS about everything from the nature of a musical note tothe nature of person hood. Software is also subject to an exceptionally rigid process of “lock-in.” Therefore, ideas (in the present era, when human affairs are increasingly software driven) have become more subject to lock-in than in previous eras. Most of the ideas that have been locked in so far are not so bad, but some of the so-called web 2.0 ideas are stinkers, so we ought to reject them while we still can. Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he. PUBLILIUS SYRUS

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14 Oct

Constiinta si Mintea Bicamerala


Where can this subjective experience which we introspect upon, this constant companion of hosts of associations, hopes, fears, affections, knowledges, colors, smells, toothaches, thrills, tickles, pleasures, distresses, and desires — where and how in evolution could all this wonderful tapestry of inner experience have evolved? How can we derive this inward-ness out of mere matter? And if so, when?" The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind - J. Jaynes


Si ce daca?

Transformarea sau depasirea filtrelor mentale ce opresc accesul la o realitate resursa si sinergia dintre cele doua emisfere reprezinta scopul Programului NLP (Programare Neuro Lingvistica) si Platformei Being Better You (BBU) de a identifica, a elibera si a re-organiza modul in care iti reprezinti in tine  realitatea, pentru avea succes si performanta. 

Mai pe romaneste, daca pot schimba cum percep realitatea atunci, in principiu, pot schimba chiar si realitatea, nu?

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