training director

Job Purpose
Job purpose of training director is responsibility for planning, organizing, leading and supervising trainingdepartment at a strategic level.
Key Responsibilities
Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
  • Identifies “core competencies” of workforce, including deployment of competency mapping in the company
  • Organizes knowledge management in the company by keeping training materials up to date, using IT to produce training materials and manuals, management of how all training materials of company are used (including e-learning)
  • Develops training strategies, including training objectives, strategies, policies, and programs
  • Directs the implementation of policies and procedures related to various training and educational programs for the employees of an organization
  • Reviews and approves training needs and programs
  • Deploys and supervises training programs
  • Reviews and approves career development programs
  • Deploys and supervises programs planned and implemented.
  • Manages training budgets, by preparing them sending them to the CEO for approval
  • Supervises how training budgets are implemented.
  • Reports to top board of directors with regards to competencies of workforce, results of training programs, and maintenance of training budgets
Job Prerequisites
Demonstrated experience in:
  • Designing and creating corporate training programs preferably,
  • conducting training to clients,
  • managing functional and technical training teams,
  • in needs analysis and curriculum development,
  • accounting and human resources management.
In addition a good knowledge base is needed in
  • project management principles,
  • knowledge of computer and IT in general;
  • the ability to translate, articulate, simplify and communicate complex business and technical functions to audiences with different level of expertise,
  • ability to maintains an effective organization structure that reflects the clients’ needs for corporate training.
Also, excellent
  • Management skills in a multi-location environment with an emphasis on people,
  • skills and a “roll up your sleeves”management style,
  • superior organization skills is a must,
  • ability to handle multiple tasks in a high paced work environment,
  • ability to thrive in an environment with regularly changing priorities,
  • ability to adapt and acquire new skills quickly,
  • excellent written and oral language communication skills including ability to plan and deliver effective presentations