R&D Projects and programs

Industry  Sectorial Motivation Models

Applied Research Program: Profiling, analyzing, decoding and creating model of excellence for specific industry roles: Marketing, Communication, Sales, Leadership, Human capital Management, Financial management, Operations etc.

National Motivation and Attitude Model

National Study: developing  and updating the national motivation model (statistical Standard Group) based  on  large scale  nationwide profiling assessment on motivation patterns, attitude and values.

Functional relation between Financial Performance and Organisational Performance

Research Program: developing a functional algorithm that measures the relations between  financial and personal/ team performance based on McKinsey 2006 study.

Terrorist & Crime Predictive Profiling

Research program: ITCAM (Inventory of Terrorist/Crime Attitude & Motivation) Predictive Profiling system and MAP (motivation & attitude pattern) of criminal  activity based on Metaprogrames IWAM profiling tool, Value Systems profiling tool VSQ and FBI’s organized/disorganized model .

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