Hacking Human Performance

Develop a community of high-performance leaders with stronger drive and systemic values, with skills and knowledge for re-engineering excellence in business and career. Leaders who reach higher degrees of freedom, access unlimited potentials and co-evolve. Ecologically.


Human Excellence Extensive Performance Profiling


We measure, decode, analyze and chart 64 patterns of performance shift like value system, motivation, attitude, interest, etc. We create a precise role model of excellence, for leaders and teams, in order to achieve precise and persuasive recruiting,  high-performance team development, better performance management, effective and efficient business outcome and more. A customized online assessment based on your explicit KPI. Human Excellence Extensive Performance Profiling – the next generation scientifically-endorsed and corporate-tested profiling system. Or HEEPP.



During our provocative and uplifting coaching sessions we use state of the art online coaching assessment -like HEEPP – to guide your high-performance adjustments with neurosurgical precision. Achievements:  Match behavior with values. View failure as the feedback needed to learn, grow and succeed. Speak honestly and with positive intention. Act accountable for your own thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Committed to make it happen. Flexible to think and act differently.  Better balanced between IQ and EQ, conscious and unconscious mind, words and actions. To reach the goals and fulfill your higher intentions.  All AtCoach.




From people skills to leadership meta-skills. From neuro-linguistics to constructal theory and fractal development of human excellence. From reverse engineered models of performance to patterns of geniuses applied in human capital management. Delivered during intensive training. Hands-on. Interactive 70:20:10 and customized. ROI-oriented and adapted financially. We call it Master Classes and Certifying Trainings. They call it uplifting. And life changing. Training + more.


High-Performance Research & Development


90 % of success for elite performers is mental. The science of FLOW. Known as zone, a peak-performance experience involving high stakes, thrill, vital challenge, high skills, precise intention, contained and channeled emotions, energized and aligned with the task at hand. There is a sense of spontaneous rapture and cognitive ecstasy that catapults a Flow-Rider to an exalted level not usually in. FLOW transforms a weakling into a muscleman, a sketcher into an artist, a dancer into a ballerina, a plodder into a sprinter, an ordinary person into someone extraordinary. Everything you do, you do better in FLOW. We pay to watch, read or be in the presence of FLOW. If quantified, you’d find it’s a major chunk of GDP.
When we ask executives during the FLOW peak-performance research exercises how much more productive they were than their average, the common report is an increase of 500%.
That’s why our R&D program shared with our sponsors and partners develops simple tools to reach and increase OnFLOW time and peak performance. Naturaly.


High-Performance Research & Development

Preventing Profiling, Reverse Social Engineering

 From Stakeholder’s Risk Assessment & Analysis to Preventive Profiling and Cyber Risk Education.  From Reverse Social Engineering & Crime Modeling to Training Resilient Teams & Organizations and Hiring cyber-security professionals. A R&D program decoding employees’ motivations, attitudes, values and behaviors connected to cyber-security. Identifying and filtering human weakness that lessen cyber crime. An online tool, code name iRisk.